Here’s why our heirloom-tanned leather is MORE SUSTAINABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND BETTER than the leather you might be used to:


IT’S FREE OF HEAVY-METALS AND HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Our leather is tanned without heavy metals, namely chromium, and other harmful chemicals (*though there can be traces present, as our leather is tanned in a tannery that also produced chrome-tanned leather). Why is this unique…because the large majority of the world’s leather is chrome-tanned using chromium and other chemicals.

IT ALLOWS WASTE-WATER TO BE RE-USED. The leather tanning process uses an abundance of water. The water used to make our heirloom-tanned leather requires only minimal treatment so that it is safely reusable (i.e. for watering crops).

THE HIDES COME FROM LOCAL COWS. The hides we use are those of local cows, thus shortening the supply chain. Why is this special…because a lot of leather products are comprised of a hide that came from a cow in South America, was tanned in Italy, and the product assembled in China. And typically when a supply chain gets complicated and includes many international stops, it’s less sustainable.

IT’S BIO-DEGRADABLE. Heirloom-tanned leather is relatively easily bio-degradable. No this does not mean that your product made of heirloom-tanned leather will decompose while you own it. But it does mean that it takes much less time to decompose than Chrome-tanned leather.

And, it’s important to note that heirloom-tanned leather still feels just as amazing, and possibly better, than the leather you may be used to.